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Mayumi Hamanaka



1999, 11"x17", 16"x20", color photograph

These Scenes are part of the days. Where is the boundary between the regular and the irregular? One thing happens all the time, but it is not noticeable. I was taking photographs from ordinary days. Regular sceneries from a bathroom or a bedroom hide some kind of mystery when you separate it from your everyday routine. Even the routine may have conceal different meaning. It is a drama. Drama is a scene off from the regularity. Irregularity. However, the irregularity is not so off from the regularity. They are interchangeable. The boundary between them is less than a mirimeter and we do not know when we got into which sides of phases.

streak of
color bubble
happy mountain
doll cards
from within
Mayumi Hamanaka, Studio Islander, Days/Scenes
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